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Shadblow Serviceberry
Height: 20-25 Ft.  Spread: 10-15 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Yellow to Red
Erect shrub that spreads by means of sucker growth from the base. Flowers are snowy white and bloom early, before foliage appears. The red-purple fruit is edible. Birds like.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Height: 20-25 Ft.  Spread: 15 Ft.  Foliage: Green;  Fall Color: Brilliant Red-Orange
Heavy stems covered with white blossoms in spring. Holds leaves well for brilliant fall color. Moderate spreading branches with light grey bark and interesting branch pattern. Resists ice breakage. Showy, purplish-black, sweet fruit. Birds like.


Golden Carousel Barberry
Height: 4-5 Ft.  Spread: 3-4 Ft.  Foliage: Golden Yellow  Fall Color: Tones of Red and Orange
This upright grower takes on a very nice fall color. Golden Carousel does best when planted in areas of light shade where the leaves are protected from fading or burning in late summer. Birds like.

Crimson Pygmy Barberry
Height: 2 Ft.  Spread: 2-3 Ft.  Shape: Rounded, compact  Foliage: Deep Red  Fall Color: Orange Scarlet
A dwarf selection of the Japanese Red Barberry that is ideal as a low growing hedge plant. Place in full sun for best color. Birds Like.

Rose Glow Barberry
Height: 3 Ft.  Spread: 2-3 Ft.  Shape: Rounded, compact  Foliage: Rose Red, maturing to Deep Maroon  Fall Color: Red
A sport of Red Leaf Barberry from Denmark with attractive variegated foliage, yellow flowers and red fruit. Place in full sun for best color. An Attractive specimen plant and can be used to create an interesting colored hedge. Birds Like.


European Varigated Dogwood
Height: 6-10 Ft.  Spread: 5-8 Ft.  Foliage: Varigated Cream and Green  Fall Color: Insignificant
Showy red stems accent the creamy-white and green foliage. Stem color lasts all year long, making this an ideal plant for both summer and winter landscapes. Birds Like.

Pagoda Dogwood
Height: 15-20 Ft.  Spread: 20-25 Ft.   Foliage: Medium to Dark Green  Fall Color: Red
Pale yellow flowers in May turn into attractive blue-black fruits. Branches grow in irregular tiers forming a somewhat horizontal plant. Leaves turn red in fall. Birds like.

Red Twigged Dogwood
Height: 8-10 Ft.  Spread: 8-10 Ft.   Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Redish-Purple
An excellent red stem dogwood that provides beautiful color in winter. Porcelain-blue Fruits. Shade tolerant. Very adaptable. Birds like.

Dwarf Red Twigged Dogwood
Height: 3 Ft.  Spread: 3-4 Ft.   Foliage: Green  
An unusual dwarf Dogwood with an irregular spreading habit ideal for smaller spaces. New growth has a bright crimson color at the ends of the stems that remains throughout the growing season. Birds Like.

Winter Flame Dogwood
Height: 3-5 Ft.  Spread: 3-5 Ft.   Fall Color: Yellow, Orange
The plants greatest attribute is its fall leaf and winter twig color. Green leaves in summer turn yellow and orange; holds its leaves later in the season than other Dogwood. The winter twig color is yellow at the base deepening to fiery orange and red at the tips – quite stunning against snow. Likes full sun and birds like.


Hedge Cottoneaster
Height: 8-10 Ft.  Spread: 4-5 Ft.  Foliage: Dark Green  Fall Color: Red
An excellent hedge plant that withstands pruning. Small pink flowers bloom in spring and are followed by black fruit. Free from insects and disease. Birds Like.


Winged Burning Bush
Height: 10 Ft.  Spread: 8-12 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Rosy-Red
Known for its winged, corky bark. Burning bush has yellow flowers in May-June. Prefers full sun or shade. Good for borders and screens. Excellent long lasting fall color. Birds like.

Dwarf Burning Bush
Height: 5-6 Ft.  Spread: 5-8 Ft.   Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Brilliant Scarlet
Dwarf Form. Bushy and compact, corky barked plant. Excellent for hedges. Brilliant fall color.


Meadowlark Forsythia
Height: 8-10 Ft.  Spread: 6-10 Ft.   Fall Color: Insignigicant
A shrub with superior flower-bud hardiness and showy, bright yellow spring flowers. Flower buds hardy at 35degrees. A good grower for shrub and border plantings. Best in full sun. Birds like.

Northern Gold Forsythia
Height: 6-8 Ft.  Spread: 5-7 Ft.   Fall Color: Insignificant
Upright shrub with gray-yellow branches and golden yellow flowers. Outstanding flower color and bud hardiness. Produces flowers to top of branches.

Fiesta Forsythia
Height: 6-8 Ft.  Spread: 4-5 Ft.   Fall Color: Insignificant
Yellow and green variegated leaves and red stems. Good flower color.


Seven-son Flower
Height: 10-20 Ft.  Spread: 8-15 Ft.   Foliage: Glossy Green
Used as large arching shrub or small Multi-stemmed tree. Heptacodium is truly a plant for all seasons. The glossy dark green foliage really sets off the fragrant white flowers that appear in August and September. Then as the sepals turn a pinkish red the show really begins and continues through autumn. The bark is beautiful as it exfoliates to expose a light brown underbark. Quite adaptable to either moist or dry soil. Prefers sun to light shade.


Compact PeeGee Hydrangea
Height: 6 Ft.  Spread: 6-7 Ft.  Foliage: Dark Green
A compact form of PeeGee Hydrangea. Matures to about half the size of PeeGee, with smaller leaves and flowers. Bloom time, flower color, and fall color are all identical to PeeGee. The compact size makes it a great choice for the foundation or border where PeeGee is too large.


Miniature Snowflake Mockorange
Height: 2-3 Ft.  Spread: 1-2 Ft.  Foliage: Dark Green, disease resistant
Compact, prolific bloomer with a dwarf habit and excellent flowering. The double white flowers are extremely fragrant

Natchez Mockorange
Height: 6-8 Ft.  Spread: 5-6 Ft.   Foliage: Green
Well branched shrub. Sensational 2 inch single fragrant, white flowers that cover the leaves in May.

Minnesota Snowflake Mockorange
Height: 6-8 Ft.  Spread: 5-6 Ft.   Foliage: Green
A well branched shrub with sweet scented 2" double white flowers. Profuse bloomers. No significant fall color.


Dart's Gold Ninebark
Height: 4-5 Ft.  Spread: 4-5 Ft.  Foliage: Yellow
A hardy, attractive plant for its color contrast. Very nice in the foundation or as a border planting. More refined compact growing form of Golden Ninebark with excellent yellow foliage. White flowers and red fruit.

Diabolo Ninebark
Height: 8-10 Ft.  Spread: 8-10 Ft.   Foliage: Reddish-Purple
A cultivar from Germany selected for its beautiful reddish-purple foliage on long arching canes. GForms a beautiful rounded mound of foliage and, even though it gets quite tall, can be controlled by cutting branches back to the ground each spring. Blooms in spring with creamy-white flowers that contrast nicely against the dark foliage. Plant in full sun for best foliage color. Very hardy.


Coronation Triumph Potentilla
Height: 3-4 Ft.  Spread: 2-3 Ft.  Foliage: Gray Green, fine texture
One of the earliest bloomers with bright yellow flowers. Excellent foliage all season. Has one of the longest blooming periods of all Potentillas.

Gold Drop Potentilla
Height: 2 Ft.  Spread: 2-3 Ft.   Foliage: Green, fern-like
An old standard Potentilla from which all other varieties are judged. Abundant, lemon yellow, 7/8" flowers bloom all summer long. Ideal for foundation or border plantings.

McKay's White Potentilla
Height: 2-3 Ft.  Spread: 2-3 Ft.   Foliage: Soft Green
An introduction from McKay Nursery. Creamy white flowers hold up well. A nice alternative to Abbotswood.


Purpleleaf Sand Cherry (cistena)
Height: 6-8 Ft.  Spread: 5-6 Ft.  Foliage: Rich Purple-Red  Fall Color: Rich Purple-Red
Flowers in the spring are pink and fragrant. Very hardy. Produces small blackish-purple cherries. Excellent accent plant. Birds like.


Gro-Low Fragrant Sumac
Height: 2 Ft.  Spread: 6-8 Ft.  Foliage: Medium Green
A low growing plant that spreads rapidly. Excellent for mass beds and bank control. Fragrant small yellow flowers in spring followed by red hairy fruit. Best in full sun. Scarlet orange fall color. Birds and butterfly like.

Staghorn Sumac
Height: 10 Ft.  Spread: 12-15 Ft.   Foliage: Bright Green
Large suckering shrub. Useful for mass planting or bank control. Greenish flowers in dense terminal panicles. Clusters of crimson berries in fall. Branches covered with dense velvet hair. Tolerates most soil types. Excellent orange to red fall color. Birds and butterfly like.


Goldmound Spirea
Height: 18-24 Ft.  Spread: 2-3 Ft.  Foliage: Yellow
A bushy plant with pink flowers in June-July. Outstanding small colorful foliage plant for accent or contrast in the foundation planting or shrub border. Full sun.

Little Princess Spirea
Height: 2 Ft.  Spread: 2-3 Ft.   Foliage: Mint Green   Fall Color: Dark Red
Pretty pink flowers bloom in summer. Excellent ground cover or dwarf specimen shrub. Dark red fall color. Sun or light shade.

Magic Carpet Spirea
Height: 18 in.  Spread: 2 Ft.   Foliage: Light Green, red-tipped   Fall Color: Russet Red
Vibrant red shoots emerge in spring and mature into rich bronze, red-tipped foliage. Clusters of deep pink flowers cover the plant in early summer and contrast nicely with the foliage. Does best in full sun.

Neon Flash Spirea
Height: 3 Ft.  Spread: 3 Ft.   Foliage: Green   Fall Color: Dark Burgundy
A newer Spiraea cultivar with a vigorous growth habit and is covered with bright red flower clusters through the growing season.. The new growth has a tinge of purple to it before turning green.

Froebel Spirea
Height: 3-4 Ft.  Spread: 3-5 Ft.   Foliage: Purplish Tips
Flat clusters of bright pink flowers in May-June. Vigorous purplish tips on foliage in spring. Good, medium sized shrub for foundation or hedge planting.


Tinkerbelle Lilac
Height: 5-6 Ft.  Spread: 4-5 Ft.  Flower Color: Single, Pink
Displays a growth habit and bloom time similar to the Dwarf Korean, Tinkerbelle brings a whole new color in dwarf lilacs. With a pleasing spicy fragrance and incredible wine-red flower buds that opens to pink, this wonderful shrub is an excellent choice for foundations, an informal hedge or a lovely specimen. Butterfly’s like.

Dwarf Korean Lilac
Height: 5-6 Ft.  Spread: 5-7 Ft.  Flower Color: Single, Pale Lilac
Unusual, dwarf variety with an excellent uniform habit. Reddish-purple buds open to a single pale lilac, fragrant flowers. Profuse blooms at an early age. Butterfly’s like.

Miss Kim Lilac
Height: 6-7 Ft.  Spread: 5-6 Ft.  Flower Color: Single, Pale Lilac  Fall Foliage: Burgundy Red
Hardy lilac from Korea. Purple buds open to single, fragrant, pale lilac flowers when other lilacs have finishes. Beautiful burgundy-red fall color. Butterfly’s like.

Common Purple Lilac
Height: 12-15 Ft.  Spread: 8-12 Ft.  Flower Color: Single, Purple
Extremely fragrant, purple flowers in May. A perfect informal hedge or screen. Great as a cut flower. Butterfly’s Like.

Common White Lilac
Height: 12-15 Ft.  Spread: 8-12 Ft.  Flower Color: Single, White
A hardy vigorous shrub. Very attractive foliage. Single white flower. Useful as a hedge or screen. Butterfly’s like.

Wedgewood Blue Lilac
Height: 6 Ft.  Spread: 6-8 Ft.  Flower Color: Single, True Blue
This Lilac is unique for its lilac pink buds and very large beautiful racemes. It is a very showy Lilac with a fine fragrance. Classified as an excellent mildew resistant. Butterfly’s like.

Saugeana Lilac
Height: 10-12 Ft.  Spread: 5-10 Ft.  Flower Color: Single, Lilac-Red
A variety of Chinese Lilac having the same characteristics of Chinese Lilac except for the flower color. The Blossom is lilac red, darker than the species, giving the plant a richer more attractive flower. Fragrant and butterfly’s like.


Autumn Jazz Viburnum
Height: 8-10 Ft.  Spread: 5-10 Ft.  Fruit: Blue-Black   Fall Color: Yellow through Red
Blooms in late May to mid-June with creamy white flowers, followed by clusters of blue-black fruit from late August through early October. The fall color can be a range of colors from yellow, orange and red to burgundy in late fall. Birds like.

Blackhawk Viburnum
Height: 12-15 Ft.  Spread: 8-12 Ft.  Fruit: Edible, Pink to Black  Fall Color: Shining Red
Large shrub or small tree with a slow growing round head. White flowers in May with clusters of pink to blavk edible fruit in September and October. Excellent fall color. Birds like.

American Cranberry Bush
Height: 10-12 Ft.  Spread: 10-12 Ft.  Fruit: Scarlet  Fall Color: Dark Red
Handsome, hardy shrub with lobed leaves. White flowers in late May. Scarlet berries last well into winter. Birds like.

Baily American Cranberry Bush
Height: 5-6 Ft.  Spread: 5-6 Ft.  Fall Color: Deep Red
Compact form of American cranberrybush. Formely called Compact American Cranberry, this hardy shrub has beautiful foliage that offers a slight red edge when new, then turns a deep red in fall. Sparse flowers and fruit.


French Lace Weigela
Height: 4-5 Ft.  Spread: 4-5 Ft.  Foliage: Varigated Green and Yellow
Developed in France, this lovely new variegated Weigela has dark red flowers that contrast nicely with the yellow and green foliage. This is a real stand-out in the garden.

Minuet Weigela
Height: 24-30 in.  Spread: 2-3 Ft.   Foliage: Green with Purple Tint
Flowers freely, slightly fragrant. Corolla tube and outer corolla is ruby red, petal lobes lilac purple, throat is yellow. Hardier than other dwarf cultivars.

Rumba Wiegela
Height: 3 Ft.  Spread: 3 Ft.   Foliage: Green Tinged Bronzy Purple
A compact shrub of up to 3 feet in height and spread. Bronzy-purple tinged leaves and dark red flowers with a yellow throat. Flowers from June to September.

Wine & Roses Wiegela
Height: 4-5 Ft.  Spread: 3-5 Ft.   Foliage: Burgundy-Purple
A new Weigela developed in the Netherlands. Incredible dark burgundy-purple foliage which really sets off the rosy-pink colored flowers. Improvement over Java Red Weigela