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Norway Maple
Height: 50-60 Ft.  Spread: 45-50 Ft.  Foliage: Deep Green  Fall Color: Pale Yellow
A dense, round headed tree that is a favorite for its ability to withstand drought and city conditions. An easy transplantable tree, adapts well to extremes in soils. Tolerant to pollutants. Excellent landscape tree.

Crimson King Maple
Height: 35-40 Ft.  Spread: 30-35 Ft.  Foliage: Rich Maroon  Fall Color: Redish-Bronze
Dense rounded form. Most vigorous of the red leaf forms. Considered as a slow growing tree and produces dense shade.

Deborah Maple
Height: 40-60 Ft.  Spread: 35-40 Ft.  Foliage: Bronze-Green  Fall Color: Golden Yellow
Very similar to Schwedler Maple but is straighter. Vigorous growing tree with a strong central leader. Leaves are brilliant red in Spring, becoming bronze-green throughout summer.

Emerald Lustre Maple
Height: 50-60 Ft.  Spread: 50-60 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Yellow
Similar to Emerald Queen but grows more vigorous with a better branching habit. Tolerates partial shade and a wide variety of soils. An excellent street or landscape tree.

Royal Red Maple
Height: 35-40 Ft.  Spread: 25-30 Ft.  Foliage: Rich Red Maroon  Fall Color: Rich Red Maroon
Similar to Crimson King but slower growing. Large, glossy leaves remain a bright rich red through out the growing season.


Red Maple
Height: 50-70 Ft.  Spread: 40-45 Ft.  Foliage: Red  Fall Color: Brilliant Scarlet & Yellow
Rapid growing tree. Showy, red flowers in Spring before leaves open. Tolerates partial shade and moist locations.

October Glory Maple
Height: 50-60 Ft.  Spread: 40-50 Ft.  Foliage: Green; Fall Color: Crimson Red
Most impressive for the crimson red Fall color that lasts longer than any other Red Maples. Adaptable to a wide range of climate and soils, from wet to dry, but requires acid soil.

Red Sunset Maple
Height: 50 Ft.  Spread: 30-40 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Orange Red to Brilliant Red
Dense upright crown. Leaves hold late into Fall. As tolerant as October Glory but slower growing.

Autumn Blaze Maple
Height: 50-60 Ft.  Spread: 40 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Red
This tree is a Red/Silver hybrid. Withstands drought like the Silver and its Fall color is comparable to the Red Maples. Rapid growth. Transplants easily over a wide range of soils. Mostly seedless.

Silver Queen Maple
Height: 50-60 Ft.  Spread: 40-45 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Golden Yellow
The leaf is more cut-leafed than common Silver. An ideal fast growing shade tree. Has few seeds.


Sugar Maple
Height: 60-80 Ft.  Spread: 40-50 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Burnt Orange to Brilliant Red
Dense, upright tree with an oval-rounded shape. Prefers a well drained, moist soil. Tolerates some shade.

Bonfire Sugar Maple
Height: 50-70 Ft.  Spread: 40-45 Ft.  Foliage: Green; Fall Color: Brilliant Orange-Red
A new tree with a strong, smooth trunk and a spreading, oval head. Vigorous grower with good heat tolerance. Prefers moist, well drained soils.

Green Mountain Sugar Maple
Height: 50-75 Ft.  Spread: 40-50 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Shades of Orange and Scarlet
An exceptionally vigorous grower. Leaves are twice as thick as standard Maples allowing it to be used in dry locations. Needs well drained soils with adequate moisture. Excellent landscape tree.


River Birch
Height: 40-50 Ft.  Spread: 30-40 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Golden Yellow
A native birch of the river bottoms that also due well on upland soils. Reddish-brown exfoliating bark creates an interesting winter effect. Resistant to bronze birch borer. Commonly sold in clumps of 3 or more stems.

Heritage Birch
Height: 45-50 Ft.  Spread: 30-35 Ft.  Foliage: Green; Fall Color: Golden Yellow
Lighter bark color than River Birch, ranging from tan to creamy white. Vigorous grower. Tolerates wet, poorly drained soils. Resistant to bronze birch borer. Exfoliating bark.

Whitespire Birch
Height: 30-40 Ft.  Spread: 20-25 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Yellow
Developed at the University of Wisconsin Madison. A white barked birch that is tolerant of high temperatures and is considered ristant to bronze birch borer. Tolerates a wide range of soil conditions. Chalk white bark does not exfoliate.


Northern Catalpa
Height: 50-60 Ft.  Spread: 35-40 Ft.  Foliage: Green, large heart shaped  Fall Color: Yellow Green
A fast growing tree. Few branches at an early age. Branches are ascending, gnarled, and twisted. One of the few large flowering trees to bloom in late June. Fruit is a large pod.


Height: 20-30 Ft.  Spread: 20-25 Ft.  Foliage: Green   Fall Color: Brilliant Yellow
A handsome small vase-shaped plant. Small purplish-pink, pea-like flowers borne before leaves appear in spring. Fruits develop in May as dried pods. Sun or partial shade. A lovely small tree for the landscape.


Shademaster Honey Locust
Height: 50-60 Ft.  Spread: 30-35 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Yellowish-Green
A rapid grower with a straight trunk and ascending branches. An outstanding thornless Honeylocust. Transplants readily. Very adaptable and tolerates salt, heat, drought, and compaction. Prefers full sun.

Skyline Honey Locust
Height: 50 Ft.  Spread: 30-35 Ft.  Foliage: Green; Fall Color: Golden Yellow
A stately and unusual variety with distinctive pyramidal form. Develops a strong sturdy trunk and shapely crown. Thornless. Valuable for light shade. Same excellent qualities of Shademaster. Prefers full sun.

Sunburst Honey Locust
Height: 35 Ft.  Spread: 30-35 Ft.  Foliage: Bright Golden Bronze Tips  Fall Color: Golden-Yellow
Foliage emerges with a bright golden color that fades to green as it matures. Thornless and seedless. Valuable for light shade. Irregularly rounded shape.


Quaking Aspen
Height: 60-80 Ft.  Spread: 30 Ft.  Foliage: Green   Fall Color: Gorgeous Yellow
Bark greenish to white. Leaves small and move in the slightest breeze. Indifferent to soil conditions. Can be found in moist, shallow, rocky, or clay soils. Excellent for naturalizing. Native to much of the Northern United States and Canada.


Newport Plum
Height: 15-20 Ft.  Spread: 15-20 Ft.  Foliage: Redish-Purple  Flower: Pink
A superior small ornamental tree. Beautiful reddish-purple foliage with bright red tips all summer long. One of the first trees to bloom in spring. Fragrant pink flowers are followed by purple fruit. Birds like.

Black Cherry
Height: 50-60 Ft.  Spread: 25-35 Ft.  Flower: Fragrant White
A hardy tree with open picturesque form on mature trees. Bark is smooth when young becoming grey-black shaggy and pealing on older trees. Foliage is dark green above and light green below. Yellow or orange red fall color. Attractive for woodlands, parks and bird sanctuaries.

Purpleleaf Sand Cherry (cistena)
Height: 8 Ft.  Spread: 6-8 Ft.  Flower: Pinkish
This popular plum is grown as a small landscape tree. Beautiful reddish purple foliage. Small black purple fruit. An excellent accent tree. Birds like.


Autumn Blaze Pear
Height: 35-20 Ft.  Spread: 20 Ft.
Horizontal, symmetrical open shape. Distinct form, different from other pear clones. White flowers, glossy green foliage turning to crimson red in fall.

Cleveland Select Pear
Height: 30-35 Ft.  Spread: 15 Ft.
A splendid, evenly branched tree with a cone shaped form. White flowers followed by crisp glossy green summer foliage. Reddish-orange to plum fall color.

Redspire Pear
Height: 30-35 Ft.  Spread: 20-25 Ft.
Narrow oval crown with masses of large, pure white flowers in spring. The foliage is a distinctive bright gray-green, heart shaped and free of leaf diseases. The autumn coloration is outstanding turning yellow crimson and purple in the fall.


White Oak
Height: 60-75 Ft.  Spread: 60-80 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Purplish-Red
Broad, round, spreading branches. Some leaves remain thru winter. A native tree that prefers moist, well drained soils. Excellent specimen tree.

Pin Oak
Height: 60-70 Ft.  Spread: 40-50 Ft.  Foliage: Green; Fall Color: Scarlet
A broadly pyramidal tree of dense branching habit. Branches droop slightly. Leaves hang on into winter

Red Oak
Height: 60-75 Ft.  Spread: 60-75 Ft.  Foliage: Green  Fall Color: Red to Reddish-Brown
Fastest grower of the Oaks and one of the easiest to transplant. Good street tree or landscape tree. Pyramidal when young, broad round-topped when mature. Prefers well drained, acid soil and full sun.


Niobi Weeping Willow
Height: 50-70 Ft.  Spread: 50-70 Ft.  Foliage: Green; Fall Color: Yellowish
A fast grower, very hardy with golden bark and wide spreading crown. Has long drooping branches and thrives in moist areas.


Redmond Linden
Height: 40-50 Ft.  Spread: 25-30 Ft.  Foliage: Glossy Light Green  Fall Color: Bright Yellow
A dense, pyramidal tree. Young twigs are reddish color. Branch structure is strong and the crown has a tight refined appearance. Good tree for street plantings. Prefers moist, fertile soil, but tolerates drier sites. Shade tolerant, but grows well in full sun.

Greenspire Linden
Height: 40-50 Ft.  Spread: 30-35 Ft.  Foliage: Leathery, Dark Green; Fall Color: Yellow
A fine rapid grower that forms a shapely pyramidal head. Growth is uniform and has small yellow flowers with a spicy fragrance. Excellent landscape and street tree.

Glenleven Linden
Height: 40-50 Ft.  Spread: 30-35 Ft.  Foliage: Dark Green  Fall Color: Yellow
A fast grower with pyramidal form. Has an extremely straight trunk. Excellent selection for a street tree.