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Sea Green Juniper
Height: 4-6 Ft.  Spread: 4-6 Ft.
Attractive mint-green foliage on graceful, fountain-like arching branches make this an excellent evergreen for the foundation landscape. The foliage darkens in cold weather. Likes full sun.

Andorra Compact Juniper
Height: 18 inches  Spread: 3-5 Ft.
A compact form of the Andorra Juniper with light green foliage in the summer, that turns a plum color in fall and winter. Excellent, low growing evergreen that likes full sun.

Blue Chip Juniper
Height: 8-10 inches  Spread: 3-5 Ft.
Maintains an outstanding blue color all season. Best in sun or light shade. Compact growth needs little shearing.

Wilton Blue Rug Juniper
Forms a dense mat of blue foliage. Excellent as a groundcover or bank planting. Very attractive when allowed to drape over a retaining wall. Full sun to light shade.

Eastern Red Cedar
Height: 30-50 Ft.  Spread: 8-20 Ft.
Native to east and central North America. A densely pyramidal plant when young becoming slightly pendulous as it ages. Prefers sun and performs well in any well drained soil, however, will tolerate poor gravely soils and various pH levels.


Pyramidal Arborvitae
Height: 12-25 Ft.  Spread: 4-5 Ft.
A fast growing, hardy, narrow, cone-shaped evergreen. Bright green, soft foliage. Shape easily maintained by minimal trimming.

Emerald Arborvitae
Height: 10-15 Ft.  Spread: 3-4 Ft.
From Denmark. Emerald green foliage. Compact pyramidal form. Holds color well thru the winter

Dark Green Arborvitae
Height:Height: 15-20 Ft.  Spread: 6-8 Ft.
Dense branching habit. Deep, dark green fan shaped foliage. Retains good color all year. Responds well to shearing. Rapid grower. Ideal for hedges and screens.

Techney Arborvitae
Height:Height: 12-15 Ft.  Spread: 6-8 Ft.
Fast growing. Excellent for screens and tall sheared hedges. Very dark green. Good in sun or light shade. Very winter hardy.

Globe Arborvitae
Height:Height: 3-5 Ft.  Spread: 3-5 Ft.
Rich Green. Retains its globe shape without trimming. Good in full sun or light shade.


Canadian Hemlock
Height: 30-45 Ft.  Spread: 15-20 Ft.
Native to the U.S. Long lived tree that does well in city conditions. Pyramidal growth, branches often droop. Can be easily sheared into a hedge. Full sun to full shade.